Tricklematic Automatic Plant Watering System - Tricklematic Automatic Plant Watering System

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Tricklematic Automatic Plant Watering System

  • Price: £59.95

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Item Description

Automatic Watering Kit from Bio Green. Everything that you need to automatically water up to 25 containers, hanging baskets or plants.
Save your plants whilst you're on holiday!

You can programme the tap timer to come on every 1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24,48 or 72 hours, and to run for 1,3,5,10,15,20,30,60,90 or 120 minutes each time.

The kit contains, 20metres of 13mm pipe, 20metres of 4mm pipe, 25 x drippers, all end caps and stakes.

Simply attach to any outside tap using the BSP adaptors and pressure regulator that are included.
Then connect to the 13mm pipeline. You then connect the 4mm pipe to this using the adaptor supplied.

You then use the hole punch to make holes in the pipe, and then insert the drippers where required. Then just turn the tap on when you want to water all the containers or baskets. You can use this to water your vegetable plot or flower border too.

The timer mechanism requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.

There is a waterproof cap that screws across the face, to prevent the mechanism being damaged by water.

This is our best value Automatic Watering Kit, in stock and ready to despatch

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