DeWit Perennial Planter - DeWit Perennial Planter

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DeWit Perennial Planter

  • Price: £29.99

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Item Description

The most versatile two-hand perennial planter. 20" Long in total, with a 4" x 4.5" heart-shaped head which means that your planting holes are rounder, and therefore less likely to have air pockets when back-filled. Perfect for dividing perennials, lifting weeds and planting bulbs.

A locking nut holds the head in place - as the handle will shrink naturally over time, you just re-tighten this nut to keep the tool in perfect working order.


The Dutch are highly regarded as makers of the finest gardening tools, and De Wit has been leading the way since 1898. The business is now run by the 4th generation of the De Wit family, using traditional techniques. All handles are hardwood, made from Oiled Ash which resists shock better than oak or beech. Blades are made from Carbon Steel, which is naturally tougher than stainless steel, and then burnished to protect it for longer and give it an authentic blackened patina similar to tools from the Edwardian era.

With a lifetime guarantee, these tools are a once in a lifetime purchase

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