Single-sided Greenhouse Glazing Foam Seal - Single-sided Greenhouse Glazing Foam Seal

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Single-sided Greenhouse Glazing Foam Seal

  • Price: £3.95

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Item Description

Single-sided Adhesive Black Foam Rubber strip for replacing old rubber or foam seals

Each roll measures 15m long and the foam is 6mm wide and 3mm high

An 8 x 6 greenhouse uses 5 rolls and a 10 x 8 uses 6 rolls, so you can gauge how much you may require


Customer Reviews


  • 5 Star Rating

    Albert Thomas 28/09/2011 19:43:45

    I can't comment on Glazing Seal yet as it has only arrived today.It does look to be of good quality and I'm sure it will do the job.I can comment on the service however, which was brilliant.I ordered Monday evening,got an email on Tuesday to say it had been sent,and it arrived on Wednesday.Can't be bettered Thank you.

  • 5 Star Rating

    John Gibson 27/07/2010 07:08:13

    did exactly what was stated in the item description

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