Summer Salad Seeds Grow Mat - Summer Salad Seeds Grow Mat

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Summer Salad Seeds Grow Mat

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Item Description

Grow Cos Lettuce, Green Batavia and Red Batavia in the easiest way possible!

A complete growing system of 4ft long seedmat, mixed salad seeds and integrated polytunnel.

4 rows of top quality mixed seeds pre-sown within the seedmat.

Anchoring pegs also included so just roll out your seedbed roll onto the ground or onto a container of multi-purpose compost, peg it down and water and you will have delicious, fresh salad in a few weeks.

These are great value, because as long as you keep using or cutting the leaves, they will continue to re-grow for months on end. So, you'll spend 3 times what you spend on a pre-packed salad bag from the supermarket, but these leaves won't taste of chemicals, are only a few minutes old when you eat them, and wil magically re-appear freely for months on end!

Can be sown from late March if conditions are suitable.

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