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Propagators help to increase your success rate with seeds. Some models have built-in automatic thermostats, and are perfectly adequate for most seeds. Other models have controllable thermostats, and these are suitable for more fussy seeds which require certain temperature settings. You'll find some of our propagators with small trays and some with full-size seed trays. Depending on the quantity of seeds that you wish to germinate, some customers prefer the small-tray models and others the larger-tray models.

These incredible seed germination assistants allow you to increase your success rate with your crop. Some propagators have in-built thermostats which will adjust the temperature to create the ideal environment for most seeds to germinate and grow. However, for seeds that require a particular temperature to grow, then you are also able to obtain a controllable thermostat. We understand that there are many seeds which require many different sized seed trays, which is why we offer small trays and full-size seed trays. Another factor which affects what type of seed tray you should purchase is the amount of seeds you are planning to germinate at a time.