Bio Green Jumbo Propagator (heated) - Bio Green Jumbo Propagator (heated)

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Bio Green Jumbo Propagator (heated)

  • Price: £109.00
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Item Description

The Bio-Green Jumbo propagator aids more adventurous gardeners to grow a wider range of seeds

and cuttings all year round. Of strong and sturdy construction, the Jumbo comes complete with a

thermostatically controlled heat mat with a temperature range of 0 to 40 degC as well as a strong UV-stabilised clear cover.

The Jumbo lives up to its name - it's 24" x 51" and has an output of 150 watts


  • High top (approx 20") for over-wintering high plants
  • Remote soil sensor
  • No tools required to construct or take apart
  • Can be used outside
  • Rapid "Pushfit" system
  • Even heat distribution across 47" x 19.5" mat
  • Zipped adjustable ventilation sides

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