Pre-wired Electronic Heater Thermostat - Pre-wired Electronic Heater Thermostat

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Pre-wired Electronic Heater Thermostat

  • Price: £61.99
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Item Description

  • Electronic Weatherproof Thermostat
  • Highly accurate with just 1 degree switching differential
  • Use on heaters up to 3kW
  • Pre-wired with socket and plug - just plug this in the mains, and plug your heater into the 3-pin socket
  • Temperature Range 0 -25 degrees C (32 -77 degrees F)
  • 2'8" (0.8m) of cable to the plug, and 6' (1.8m) of cable to the outlet socket
  • 5' (1.5m) long temperature probe cable with IP68 watertight sensor, which can be inserted in soil if required
  • Main Box is splashproof to IP54

For a successful greenhouse heating system you need a heater/s of sufficient output to heat your area, and a quality thermostat with a low switching differential. This means that when the thermostat switches the heater on, there is enough power to successfully raise the temperature. By using a quality thermostat, the thermostat will switch off again once the temperature has been raised by just 1 degree. With cheaper thermostats housed inside most heaters, the switching differential is as high as 5 degrees, so there is a lot of wasted energy in raising the heat level before the thermostat switches off.

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