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There's no doubt about the fact that plants and flowers completely transform the appearance of a garden, when the leaves are bright and green and all of the flowers are in bloom your garden looks at its healthiest. Gardens that are full of flowers and greenery are beautiful, but sometimes it isn't practical to have plants throughout the whole garden, especially if it isn't particularly big. Garden planters are great for achieving that great English garden look, whilst ensuring that you can maintain the rest of your outdoor space.

Wooden garden planters have a natural appeal and come in various sizes so you can opt for a planter as a large focal point of the garden, or just use one to house a few shrubs underneath a window or beside a door. If you like to grow your own fruit and vegetables then vegetable planters are also a fantastic way to save space, so that the plants don't become too overpowering, and you can save money on your supermarket shop by planting your own.

Planters are great in the summer for blooming flowers, chrysanthemums and hydrangea are extremely eye-catching. On the other hand, winter vegetables such as asparagus, garlic and spinich make the perfect residents for garden planters.