Complete Greenhouse Insulation Kit for 8 x 6 Greenhouse - Complete Greenhouse Insulation Kit for 8 x 6 Greenhouse

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Complete Greenhouse Insulation Kit for 8 x 6 Greenhouse

  • Price: £27.99
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Item Description

This kit contains 1 roll of UV Bubble Wrap, 100 x Super Alliplugs, 1 x Transparent Tape

  • 750mm Wide x 30m Roll of UV-stabilised Bubble Insulation - Perfect for 610mm (2ft) Wide glazing on most greenhouses
  • Double-Laminated giving a flat surface both sides with 10mm Bubbles in between, for a triple-glazed effect
  • 100 x Super Alliplugs for fixing
  • 1 Roll of Extra Power Transparent Tape
  • In Stock for next day delivery
  • This kit is sufficient for most greenhouse up to 8ft x 6ft (if you have eaves higher than 4ft, then this is not quite enough for you, and you'll need some more bubble wrap and some more clips)

If installed and removed with care this UV coated insulation will last for many seasons. Do not confuse this with normal Bubble Wrap - this is Double Laminated which means that it has a flat surface both sides with the bubbles sandwiched in between for effective insulation, and it is UV-stabilised which means it does not break down in sunlight.

Customer Reviews


  • 5 Star Rating

    Paul Howden 29/09/2012 18:12:41

    Excellent product and first class service.( Next day delivery )

  • 5 Star Rating

    Chris T 24/09/2012 20:35:38

    I order the kit on Wednesday, delivered on Thursday, Job finished by Saturday which included emptying, cleaning, relining and refilling greenhouse (very prickly cactus). Fantastic service. Also ordered corner plugs wich really helped the installation. I would suggest ordering an extra roll of tape for sealing the joints.

  • 5 Star Rating

    Karen H 30/11/2011 12:34:33

    Very quick delivery, like the idea of this being a kit, with everything included. Now just to put it up. Many thanks.

  • No Rating

    caroleevans 09/02/2011 22:00:22

    arrived next day,very impressed with speed of delivery very easy to instal plenty of materiels excellent!

  • 5 Star Rating

    Peter Goucher 28/01/2011 22:55:33

    The kit arrived very quickly (within 2 days of ordering). I had no difficulty in the installation with more than sufficient materials and it only took the same time to complete as my wife's shopping trip (1 and a half hours including cup of tea!). The efficacy of my efforts are currently being tested.

  • 4 Star Rating

    Duncan Henderson 13/11/2010 20:25:37

    The kit arrived quickley (next day). In addition to the kit I purchased corner and extension plugs which made the job easier. If like me you intend to tape over the overlaps you will require a furthe 4/5 rolls of tape.

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