Warmax 4 Paraffin Greenhouse Heater - Warmax 4 Paraffin Greenhouse Heater

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Warmax 4 Paraffin Greenhouse Heater

  • Price: £28.95

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Item Description

  • Ideal for keeping a 6' x 6' greenhouse frost-free
  • 16" High and 11.5" Diameter
  • Large Capacity 4.5 Litre Paraffin Tank
  • Will burn for up to 7 days without re-filling
  • Approximate Output 300 Watts (0.3kW)
  • Long-lasting 13" wick
  • Complete with 3 Ground Anchors, screws and plugs to secure to the floor for maximum safety

We recommend the Warmax range because;

  1. It has a threaded section between the tank and burner mechanism, which is much more secure than common push-fit chimneys
  2. The burner mechanism has a deep slot to accept the chimney, which makes it more stable than other makes
  3. The heat spreader is secured with screws rather than clips, so will not fall off (common with other makes)

Spare Wicks for this model can be found here.

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