Gas Regulator, Hose & Clips - Gas Regulator, Hose & Clips

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Gas Regulator, Hose & Clips

  • Price: £12.04

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Item Description

  • Brand New Gas Regulator Type 2107P
  • 2m of Hose and 2 x Jubilee Clips included
  • Screw-in fitting for Red LPG Propane bottles
  • Conforms to EN12864,  Max inlet pressure 16 bar,  Outlet Pressure 37 mbar,  up to 1.5kg / hr
  • Uses 8mm Outlet Hose (included)
  • This regulator requires a Gas Spanner to tighten
  • Technical Specifications = Single Stage, Low Pressure Regulator, 1.5kg/h, 37mbar
  • PLEASE NOTE: This regulator does not fit a Patio Gas canister

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