Proheater Popular 6000 6kW Gas Greenhouse Heater - Proheater Popular 6000 6kW Gas Greenhouse Heater

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Proheater Popular 6000 6kW Gas Greenhouse Heater

  • Price: £239.00

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Item Description

  • Perfect to heat a 10x20 Greenhouse 
  • or to frost-protect a 10x40 Greenhouse
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Simple one-push Piezo Ignition
  • Steel housing powdercoated Beige and Light Blue
  • Depth 6.5" (16cm), Width 20" (51cm), Height 22" (56cm)

IN STOCK in our UK Warehouse for immediate despatch

This Heater will require a Red LPG Propane Regulator, Hose & Clips     

Technical Data
Heat Output 6000 Watts (6 kW)
Gas Consumption at Max Ouput = 0.8kg / hour

This heater is designed to run on Propane, also known as LPG, and is commonly available in Red cylinders. Butane (blue cylinder) is not suitable for this heater because it does not combust consistently at low temperatures and the heater will malfunction.

You do not require an electricity supply or batteries to operate the heater. Once set up and the pilot light is lit this hater will fire itself on and off, heating the greenhouse to the temperature dictated by your thermostat setting on the side of the heater. For the initial setup you will require a thermometer and be present in the greenhouse when the desired temperature that you wish the heater to start firing at is reached. At that temperature you just turn the thermostat up until the heater fires and comes on, and you're done. Now just leave the heater to protect your plants, replacing the gas when it gets low or runs out.

Propane is available at many Petrol Stations, DIY Stores and costs around £2 / kg. So, if your heater uses 0.5kg / hr then it costs £1 / hr when burning. However, ths is not how much it costs to heat your greenhouse because once the greenhouse is up to temperature, depending on the ambient external temperature and the level of insulation, the heater may only fire for perhaps 10 minutes per hour, costing jst 17p. So, the better insulated your greenhouse is, or the smaller the area, the cheaper it will be to heat your greenhouse.

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