Aluminium Tubular Greenhouse Heaters IPX54 - Aluminium Tubular Greenhouse Heaters IPX54

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Aluminium Tubular Greenhouse Heaters IPX54

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Item Description

Non-corrosive Polished Aluminium Tube Heaters will never rust

2ft , 3ft, 4ft or 5ft long, waterproof rated IP54 (sprayproof)

80 Watts per foot in length (except Special Edition 2ft 60 Watt version)

Cheap to run, highly efficient output

Pre-wired with 80cm (32") of Cable & Fused 3 Pin UK Plug

2 x Mounting Brackets for wall or floor mounting

Great for small areas such as Greenhouses, Porches, Outhouses, Cold Frames, Sheds, Caravans, Boats etc

These heaters are designed to be either switched on or off, but can be wired into a thermostat if you require the heater to maintain a certain temperature

We stock Thermostats and Guards for these heaters

When comparing with other tube heaters, please bear in mind that this heater comes ready wired with cable and 3 pin plug - many tube heaters will require you to open the heater and connect the wiring or employ an electrician.

This heater also has IP54 rating, which means that this heater is safe to use where there is spraywater any direction.

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