Tropic 2000 Electric Greenhouse Heater - Tropic 2000 Electric Greenhouse Heater

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Tropic 2000 Electric Greenhouse Heater

  • Price: £89.00

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Item Description

  • This heater is ideal for heating an 8x6ft greenhouse
  • or provide frost-protection in a greenhouse up to 10x12ft
  • 2 Heat Ouputs - 1kW & 2kW
  • Fan-only function to keep air moving and aspirate the thermostats
  • Has 2 thermostats, one for winter heating, and the other for summer cooling 
  • Accurate Energy-saving thermostat 5-26degC
  • Tough, Durable Green Plastic casing
  • IPX2 Splashproof & CE Tested
  • IN STOCK NOW at our own UK warehouse 
  • 2 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 4ft (1200mm) of cable to the fitted plug

The sturdy ‘Tropic 2000’ greenhouse heater is suitable for domestic greenhouses. This electric greenhouse heater runs off mains electricity. The greenhouse heater has a dual operation thermostat with a range between 5 and 40 degrees Celsius. In the winter the greenhouse heating can be set to trigger when the air within the glasshouse falls below a set temperature. Conversely in the summer months, for cooling purposes, it can be set so that the fan triggers when the temperature climbs above a set temperature helping to keep the greenhouse cooler. The greenhouse heater has an indicator light to show when power is being consumed and comes with a two year guarantee.

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