Thermostat for Electric Heaters - Thermostat for Electric Heaters

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Thermostat for Electric Heaters

  • Price: £17.00

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Item Description

  • Suitable for our Electric Tubular Heaters

  • Simply wire in the tube heater and the mains supply

  • Compact 3" x 3" box (75mm x 75mm) in white plastic

  • Wide Temperature Range 5-30 degrees C with Frost-protection setting

  • In Stock for immediate despatch

PLEASE NOTE: This thermostat is designed for dry use only - if you wish to use in a potentially wet environment then we suggest that you mount this inside a waterproof box. Alternatively use one of our Weatherproof thermostats.

This thermostat detects the air temperature around the sensor, and then automatically switches the heater on or off as necessary.

Simply wire in your heating or cooling appliance according to the instructions, plug the thermostat in to the 240v Mains electricity and you have accurate control of the temperature in the area you wish to heat. (You will require some extra mains cable for wiring from the thermostat to the mains supply / plug)

Please note the Maximum Load for heating is 2.4kW, and for cooling is 2kW. Size = 3" x 3" x 1.25" deep (75mm x 75mm x 35mm). Switching Capacity 10 Amps (resistive) at 230V AC. Switching Differential approx 0.5 degreesC.

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