Pre-Wired Weatherproof Digital Thermostat - Pre-Wired Weatherproof Digital Thermostat

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Pre-Wired Weatherproof Digital Thermostat

  • Price: £99.00

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Item Description

  • Digital Weatherproof Electronic Thermostat
  • Pre-wired with Plug and Socket
  • Can be used for Heating or Cooling, without being re-wired
  • Temperature Range from -50 degC to +109 degC
  • Accuracy within 1 degC
  • Waterproof to IP65
  • Suitable for appliances up to 3kW

The thermostat housing measures 125 x 75 x 85mm, and can be wall mounted via the four holes in the rear of the unit.

The Sensor length is 1.5m, and the plug and socket cables measure 2.5m each

Technical Info

  • EMI Conformity = IEC801
  • Power Rating = 13 Amp
  • Consumption = 2va
  • Supply Voltage = 230 VAC
  • Sensor = N.T.C. (103 AT-2, 10k ohms@25 degrees C) IP68 sealed

This is a highly accurate weatherproof thermostat that will help to reduce energy costs due to its accuracy.

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