2kW Botanico IPX4 Greenhouse Heater - 2kW Botanico IPX4 Greenhouse Heater

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2kW Botanico IPX4 Greenhouse Heater

  • Price: £28.99

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Item Description

2 kW Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater
Fan-only Mode - creates good air circulation to help prevent plant diseases
1000 Watt (1kW) Half-heat mode
2000 Watt (2kW) Full-heat mode
Full thermostatic control
Thermal overload safety control - cuts the heater off if it malfunctions or overheats
Complete with 1.8m (6ft) cable and plug
Drip-proof to IPX4 for greenhouse use
12 month manufacturer's warranty
IN STOCK right now in our Warehouse - no delays
9.5" High, 9" Wide and 4" Deep
This heater will maintain a good level of heat in a 8x6ft greenhouse, and provide frost-protection for a greenhouse 10x8ft in size

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