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All our greenhouse shelves fold down, so that you can maximise the bench/shelf area when you have lots of seedtrays on the go, full with seedlings.

Later in the season, you may wish to grow taller plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers and peppers, and you can then fold down most of our shelves very easily, by just unclipping the supports - no screws or bolts to tinker with

Our selection of greenhouse shelves are from the fold-down Speedshelf range which are highly popular with our customers due to the flexibility of the product and how useful they are for storing plants in a greenhouse. Many people use shelving in their greenhouses to create plenty of room for all of their plants, fruits and vegetables that they?re growing and with having a foldaway shelf you have the option of putting it away when you?re not using it which means it won?t in the way and you have more space to move around. If you would like more information about our selection of shelves, feel free to give us a call on: 01749 600014