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We sell three different types of greenhouse glazing - Acrylic (Clear and 7x stronger than glass - Solid Polycarbonate (Clear and 200x stronger than glass) - and 4mm Twinwall Polycarbonate (Two sheets joined internally creating a strong, translucent sheet)

Greenhouse Glazing

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Greenhouses have traditionally been glazed with 3mm thick glass, known as Horticultural Glass, for many years, in fact since the greenhouse was invented. This glass does a perfectly adequate job of providing cover whilst allowing plenty of light through to ensure plants receive enough sunlight. Glass is also great for magnifying the suns rays, enabling a greenhouse to heat up quite quickly which also benefits most plants. The two drawbacks to Horticultural (Horti) Glass are its fragile nature and its very sharp edges - it doesn't take much to crack a piece of Horti glass either during transportation, whilst fitting, or once installed. Its sharp edges also make for tricky handling and it is imperative that gloves are used when moving this material. However, if these issues are of no concern to the user, then Horti Glass is a good, cheap material to glaze your greenhouse.

Due in part to Health and Safety concerns other greenhouse glazing materials have now been introduced which are much stronger and safer; Toughened Glass - this is 7x stronger than Horti glass and can withstand small impacts without breaking. Twinwall Polycarbonate - this is 4mm thick, very strong and lightweight. It can be easily cut to the shape or size required by the end user with a hobby knife. It is the cheapest greenhouse glazing material and is now quite common. The appearance of twinwall is not completely transparent like glass due to its' 'twinwall' construction, which means there are two outer walls joined by ribs running at 90 degrees. The ribs are approximately 10mm apart, and so when you look at the sheet from an angle, you are looking at the side of the ribs and not straight through the material. Acrylic sheet - Greenhouse Warehouse were the first company to uses supply extruded acrylic as replacement greenhouse panes. To look at our sheets, you would be unable to distinguish them from a sheet of glass in appearance. Available in 2mm, 3mm and 4mm thicknesses in a range of greenhouse-friendly sizes, you can use these to replace broken panes easily. Solid Polycarbonate is an almost indestructible material, 200x stronger than glass. Available in 3mm and 4mm thicknesses, we often sell this to customers who suffer from vandalism damage.