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We stock a variety of useful greenhouse accessories to enhance your greenhouse.

It's one thing having a greenhouse in your garden to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers but without greenhouse accessories you won't have all of the equipment you need to look after it and what you're growing inside. Some of the garden accessories you might need are plant lights, coldframes, rainwater downpipes and a soil steriliser.

Having different areas in your greenhouse to grow your fruits, vegetables and plants is a great idea because it will be easier for you to moniter them. You can do this by having different greenhouse shelving and coldframes so you know everything is separated. Another great accessorie to have is a drain water down pipe. These are very useful to help water your plants when you aren't able to or you forget. Greenhosues are great to have in your garden and having somewhere to put your plants in the winter to protect them is very useful.

If you're looking for any of these greenhouse accessories then feel free to browse our this page and see if what you're looking for is here.