Polycarbonate Glazing Set for 8x6 Greenhouse - Polycarbonate Glazing Set for 8x6 Greenhouse

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Polycarbonate Glazing Set for 8x6 Greenhouse

  • Price: £152.00

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Item Description

Complete replacement glazing pack for an 8x6 Greenhouse

4mm Twinwall Clear Polycarbonate Sheet

Ideal for easily, safely replacing glass

These panels are cut to size for you, and will fit many 8x6 greenhouses, including Halls, Gardman and Vitavia models

The pack is made up of the following panels;

  • 8 pc 610 x 1208mm (sides)
  • 2 pc 610 x 1660 x 1233 Left-hand
  • 2 pc 610 x 1660 x 1233 Right-hand
  • 1 pc 610 x 1889 x 1675mm
  • 3 pc 610 x 610mm (door and roof vent)
  • 1 pc 610 x 229mm (centre of door)
  • 1 pc 610 x 20 x 234mm
  • 7 pc 610 x 1142mm (roof)
  • 1 pc 600 x 544mm (vent)

To check that this pack will fit your greenhouse, please measure some sections such as the roof and sides, and the centre of the door panel to confirm suitability, as we charge a re-packing fee of 20 unless these are returned in the original, undamaged packaging.

You can cut these panels easily with a hobby knife if necessary.

You can fit this using the same clips that secure glass in place, commonly a Galvanised Wire Glazing Clip (not included)

If this set isn't suitable for you then try our standard rectangular panels which you can cut to size yourself.

Customer Reviews


  • 5 Star Rating

    Chris 11/12/2013 13:45:04

    Ordered on Monday, delivered on Wednesday, very well packed-excellent service. They even emailed me an instruction leaflet as well!! Would use again!!

  • 5 Star Rating

    Mr R F Evans 20/06/2011 10:51:42

    Bought this to fit a Halls Popular 8x6 greenhouse It does at a far lower cost than the original As mentioned earlier the service was great ordered Wednesday posted Thursday received Friday need I say more ?

  • 5 Star Rating

    Gina 20/05/2011 10:21:39

    I bought this product to fit an old 6x8 green house which had glass but most of it broke in winds.. i received it within 2 days.. really easy to fit and being an old green house the sizes were slightly different, whoever by using a craft knife, it was easy to cut and shape the panels to the size i needed.. very impressed... i would definitely recommend this product to people. Thank you

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