10m Roll of Anti-dust Breather Tape - 10m Roll of Anti-dust Breather Tape

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10m Roll of Anti-dust Breather Tape

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Item Description

Anti-Dust Breather Tape

10m Long roll length

This tape is designed to prevent dust and insects getting inside the sheets, whilst allowing the sheet to breathe, evaporating any condensation

Use this tape in conjunction with PVC End Strips, to secure the tape in place

For 4mm, 6mm or 10mm thick Sheets use the 25mm wide tape

For 16mm or 25mm thick sheets use the 45mm wide tape


The essential clarity of Multi-wall Polycarbonate Sheeting can only be retained if care is taken to exclude all dust particles insects and moisture. Contamination by dust and moisture will soon lead to the growth of unsightly algae and moulds. The best protection is the use of a quality breather tape which allows full ventilation of all sections and channels of the Polycarbonate Sheeting. This tape should be used in conjunction with PVC end strips which will secure the anti-dust tape in place.


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