Extra Strong Hercules Naseby Greenhouses - Extra Strong Hercules Naseby Greenhouses

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Extra Strong Hercules Naseby Greenhouses

  • Price from: £1,534.00

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Item Description

  • 10'6" Wide (3212mm)
  • Available from 6'6" to 20'9" Long
  • High 5'5" Eaves & 6'2" High Doors
  • Green Powdercoated Frame
  • Full Sheet Toughened Safety Glass
  • Automatic Roof Vents included
  • Louvre Vents included
  • Lockable Double Sliding Doors
  • Extra Strong aluminium frame
  • Guttering & Downpipes both sides
  • Hanging Basket Rails
  • 10 Year Guarantee

The Hercules Naseby Extra Strong Greenhouse is available in the following lengths, just click on the Variation above to see the price of your preferred size;

6ft6 Long (1994mm) with 1 x Roof Vent & 1 x Louvre Vent

8ft6 Long (2614mm) with 2 x Roof Vent & 2 x Louvre Vent

10ft7 Long (3234mm) with 3 x Roof Vent & 2 x Louvre Vent

12ft7 Long (3854mm) with 4 x Roof Vent & 2 x Louvre Vent

14ft8 Long (4474mm) with 4 x Roof Vent & 3 x Louvre Vent

16ft8 Long (5094mm) with 4 x Roof Vent & 4 x Louvre Vent

18ft8 Long (5714mm) with 5 x Roof Vent & 4 x Louvre Vent

20ft8 Long (6334mm) with 6 x Roof Vent & 4 x Louvre Vent

Our Extra Strong range has all the features that help create the perfect greenhouse environment, within a special design to withstand adverse weather conditions, particularly the wind. The Extra Strong range has more metal in the frame than standard greenhouses and has extra cantilever braces in the roof for strength. Two horizontal beams are integrated into the rear wall to ensure that this common weak point is very rigid. If you live in a windy area, then we highly recommend the Hercules range to you.

Ventilation - All Roof Vents are supplied with a quality Automatic Opener, and there are plenty of manual Louvre Vents too to allow a good circulation of air, helping to prevent plant disease from stagnant air.

Rainwater collection - good quality downpipes of a sensible length are included. These full length pipes are included with every greenhouse and a 45 degree bend for you to easily run the down pipe into a water butt. A good range of extra bends and T pieces are also available.

Glass - All the glass is long pane Toughened, and around the bottom of the greenhouse there is an 18" high pane of toughened glass - the idea of this is that if you ever flick a stone up from a lawnmower etc and break a pane it is small, easy and cheap to replace. There are no clips on the Extra Strong range - all glass is held in with full length PVC 'bar capping' - This eliminates the traditional greenhouse clips, is far neater and much stronger in the wind because the glass is secured in place along its entire length.

Hanging Basket Rails - both sides of the roof have strong hanging basket rails that can take the weight of fully laden hanging baskets.

Doors - Low level door threshold is standard on our Extra Strong greenhouse - many greenhouses on the market have a step at the door which can be inconvenient. This level threshold is ideal for wheelchair or wheelbarrow access.

Partition - You can add a partition to this Extra Strong greenhouse, to make warmer and cooler areas to suit your plants requirements.

Base - The Extra Strong Range does not require a vertical base plinth, the lower profiles just bolt straight on to a concrete or slab base. We recommend that these greenhouses are fitted on to a concrete or slab base, approx 2" larger than the greenhouse size.


DELIVERY - This greenhouse is delivered directly from the factory within 3-5 weeks. Delivery is FREE to most Mainland UK addresses. Delivery to Northern Ireland costs £150. Delivery to Isle of Wight costs £80. Unfortunately we're unable to delver this greenhouse to any other offshore addresses. We cannot deliver to transport companies for onward shipping to offshore locations without levying a packing charge for the crating of the glass.

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