4ft x 2ft Lean-to + 2 White Shelves - 4ft x 2ft Lean-to + 2 White Shelves

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4ft x 2ft Lean-to + 2 White Shelves

  • Price: £164.00

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Item Description

New Aluminium Lean-to Greenhouse + 2 White Shelves  


Virtually Unbreakable Clear Glazing

4ft 2" Long x 2ft 3" Deep (1290 x 680mm)

5ft 5" High at the Back, and 3ft 9" High at the front

Roof Vent and Gutter included

Glazing held in place by neat PVC Bar Capping

Includes Galvanised Steel Base

Sliding Door


2 x White Speedshelf 11" x 47"

These shelves fold down when not required

PLEASE NOTE: Because this is a lean-to greenhouse there are no bars inside the back of the greenhouse to attach the shelves to. The shelves need to be secured to the wall or fence that the greenhouse 'leans' against, and we provide the hinges and brackets for the shelf, but not the screws to secure them to the wall or fence.


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