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There are many reasons for purchasing a dog kennel for your pet pooch including giving it a safe and secure place in the garden that they know is theirs, especially for times when your house might get busy such as a party or barbecue. Dog kennels also offer your garden a form of protection so that if you have a cheeky fellow who likes to go exploring, they aren't free to dig up your flowerbeds or bury their toys in your vegetable patch.

If you have a German Shepherd, Labrador, Dalmation or other large breed then you are better off opting for a large dog kennel. On the other hand, owners of Yorkshire Terriers, Westies or Jack Russels should opt for a small dog kennel. Your pooch will be sure to love their cosy outdoor dog kennel, it will be like their little outside house and you don't have to worry about mess inside.

See our full range of dog kennels and choose the best one for your pet.