Parasene Weed Wand with Gas - Parasene Weed Wand with Gas

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Parasene Weed Wand with Gas

  • Price: £32.99

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Item Description

Burn weeds at a safe distance with our Weed Wand

Runs on Butane Gas Canisters (4 Included)

You can also de-ice paths with this in the winter

Lightweight and easy to use with push-button ignition

2'7" Long from handle to head

The Revolutionary Model 550 Parasene "Weed-Wand" Takes the Backbreaking Work out of Weeding!!!. With push button automatic ignition just a touch from it's high temperature flame disrupts the cell structure of weeds, causing them to wither and die within a day or two without using expensive toxic chemicals. Ideal for clearing patios, paths, gravel areas, rockeries and around ponds. It can also be used to de-ice slippery frozen drives and paths. Powerful 1000 degree C Flame. Uses Parasene Standard Gas Cartridges. 78 cm Length from Handle to Head

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