8x6 Greenhouses

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We've got a good range of 8x6 greenhouses here, but if you can't find what you want, give us a call on 01749 600014 and we'll try and help you.

Buy any Greenhouse over 300 and get a FREE TITAN SHELF worth 39.95. Just add a Titan Shelf to your basket and then use Discount Code SHELF at the Checkout.

Garden greenhouses use visible solar radiation, to heat up plants, soil and anything else in the greenhouse, thus warming the air and using this solar radiation heat along with trapping some of the thermal energy radiated by the structures and plants. This makes the primary heating mechanism for greenhouses, convection, if you open a small window near the roof of the greenhouse the temperature will drop considerably, which is evidence of convection heating.

Any gardener will love the addition of an 8x6 greenhouse to their garden or allotments as it will increase the growth of your plants and range of plants you can choose from when picking your seeds. A greenhouse also provides an easy way to regulate what kind of factors you want to include, for example, you can easily control the temperature, levels of light, fertiliser application and humidity.

Find our range of 8x6 greenhouses online and choose the one that will best compliment your garden.